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Changelooms and Beyond!


We are in an odd space of many years of heart-work that is finally finding its identity as an organisation. Even before we registered UnLtd. Delhi came to our rescue. Sanyukta, as their Level One Fellow was asked a barrage of difficult questions that helped Aagaaz begin to find itself. ARThink South Asia, a few months later put her in an incubation for two weeks. With space to breathe, Aagaaz’s vision, strategies, and goals began to emerge. With Changelooms in October 2016, Sanyukta and Nishant have been on a journey with 12 other gorgeous organizations to find deeper meanings of leadership, strategy, how the self affects the organization and vice-versa, facing demons, and feeling supported to overcome challenges. Aagaaz is being held through a process of deep self-discovery and realizations. We have found and fixed design flaws, expanded our work, and learnt to dream bigger and deeper. Even as the journey will formally conclude on the 22nd of March, we know the impact of this fellowship will stay with us for years to come.

All this support has helped us make some important decisions that are reflected in our latest programme map that clearly indicates what is happening currently.

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