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Aagaaz Theatre Trust

Acting to Change

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Our Vision

Aagaaz is the Urdu word for ‘beginnings’.

Operating at the grassroots level, we are a community of educators and arts practitioners, committed to examining and questioning ‘what is’, to inquire ‘what could be’.

Aagaaz practices theatre and arts for social action to bridge gaps in learning, understanding the ‘other’, access, and dignity. We create spaces to engage with children and young adults across social and geographical boundaries, to discover ways of ‘act-ing’, with its dual meaning of performing on stage and taking action for self and society.

Our Mission

We foster communities to create collaborative and sustainable spaces of learning, through arts based processes

We hold spaces through workshops, performance, and long-term community based commitments to deepen engagement with the self, the other, and the world.


Ajab Gajab

Process-based in-person and cascaded digital engagements with children, and change-makers. The programs create safe spaces that build a deep understanding of the self in relationship with others and the larger society

Aagaaz's Repertory

Creating, rehearsing and performing is an extension of our process-based work in Ajab Gajab. Our productions co-created by the repertory and playwrights/directors from the city, raise questions that urge audiences to engage in dialogues with contemporary issues.

We believe that in the process of ACTing, both the performer, by being witnessed, and the audience, by witnessing, is transformed. 


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Aagaaz Learning Centre
276-A Dargah Hazrat Nizamuddin 
Baoli Gate 


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