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The Repertory


Developing Performances

Our productions co-created by the repertory and playwrights/directors from the city, raise questions that urge audiences to engage in dialogues with contemporary issues.

Our performances have played in more than 12 cities in schools, theatre festivals, and other public spaces across India. We believe that in the process of ACTing, both the performer, by being witnessed, and the audience, by witnessing, is transformed.  

Our repertory members have all emerged from the first phase of community initiative in Nizamuddin. They are supported in developing their creative practice by a group of 4 respected artist-mentors.

Consistent Creative Practice

Aagaaz’s repertory meets and works regularly. Our engagement with each other is much beyond the rigour of the rehearsal and performance periods. As people who perform stories, we consistently engage questions like - “why do we tell stories?”, “what stories do we want to tell?”, “how do we (our identities) affect the stories that we tell?”, “for whom are we performing these stories and how does it affect our story?”.

Also, beyond the politics of the art form, we consistently immerse ourselves in the rigour of the skills required to create theatre productions.

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