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What We Do

We engage with children and young adults across social and geographical boundaries through drama-based processes. Our theatre repertory creates and performs plays for cross-demographic audiences to initiate dialogue. Through fellowship programs we train young educators of the community to empower individuals and collectives to weave a more equitable social fabric.  

We scaffold the development of children and young people through multiple need-based processes. Access to education, health care, mental health support, language and computer skills, livelihood opportunities are some of the areas we focus on in our long term work. 

Through drama jams we bring together communities from different walks of life to play together using theatre and arts and find ways to integrate them in their fields. We engage with educators of the collective to reimagine ,design and widen the scope of pedagogical practices using arts in education.

Through our creative practice and performances we reach out to wider audiences to collectively approach complex and layered realities, to think critically, celebrate differences, express opinions and take risks to seek the right answers. 

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Who We Work With

  • Children from diverse communities, marginalised and otherwise, towards their holistic development

  • Adolescents and young adults on citizenship education and livelihoods readiness

  • Students, educators, arts practitioners and professionals from different fields who want to use tools of theatre and play to integrate them into their work

  • Public Domain through our performances, workshops and presentations

We aim to extend our work to young mothers, for their well being as well as to strengthen their role in children's education.

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