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Human Resource and Safety Policies

Aagaaz Theatre Trust is a registered Not for Profit under The Indian Trust Act 1882 (registered in 2015). As an arts-based organisation trying to create inclusive learning spaces, we are committed to ensuring a safe and sustainable place of work and practice for all our associates, regardless of the tenure of their work with us, and regardless of their caste, class, gender, sexuality, region, religion, age, health etcetera. 

The documents attached in this section of our website, the ‘Human Resource Policy Manual’ and the ‘Visitor Guidelines’ help us create and sustain that space by outlining a holistic Code of Conduct that would help us perform ( both the arts, and the organisational work ) to the best of our abilities, without compromising the physical, mental, or professional safety and well-being of our colleagues, as well as other Aagaaz Associates. 

The Human Resource Policy Manual is a consolidated document that consists of Aagaaz’s : 

  1. Organizational Values and Code of Conduct

  2. Non-Discrimination Policy

  3. Sexual Harassment at Workplace Policy 

  4. Child Protection Policy

  5. Communications Policy

  6. Working Hours and Leave Policy

  7. Financial Policy

  8. Internal Complaints Committee Policy

  9. Undertaking for the Team

The document is shared with, duly read, and signed by all members of the team, as well as long-term associates of Aagaaz Theatre Trust. 

Keeping in mind that we often have Visitors that are only associated with the team briefly, or for pop-up workshops, we have a ‘Visitor Guidelines’ document attached here as well. The document outlines the Policies that apply to visitors, as well as guidelines and best practices that will help ensure that the visit is pleasant for the visiting individual, and the Aagaaz members they are working with. 

This document contains four sections : 

  1. Core Values

  2. Good Practices & Guidelines for Conduct

  3. Policy Applicable to Visitors

  4. Undertaking for Visitors

The document is shared with all visitors who don’t either have a contract, or a Memorandum of Understanding with Aagaaz Theatre Trust to be duly read and signed. 

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