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Khwāb Ghar

Khwāb Ghar meaning the ‘house of dreams’ located in the heart of Nizamuddin Basti provides a safe space for the community and its children. It houses a library with a reading programme and a learning centre, it provides workshop spaces and counselling rooms, hosts film screenings, offers rehearsal space as well as an open air performance space.


Khwāb Ghar is at the heart of Aagaaz. What was for years a metaphorical and floating space has now found life in brick, mortar, colours, and plants.

It's a space where children, youth, and women of Basti Hazrat Nizamuddin find a world of magic and dreams,

a space where everyone's emotions, questions, and thoughts are of value, no matter how small they may be,

a space where everyone is treated with respect and love, and "equal" is not taken for granted,

a space where hope tethers each moment, anything is possible, and imagination is the currency,

a space where joy and laughter seem to be the default, and difficult feelings and conversations find expression and witnesses

a space where play is serious and curiosity its objective,

a space where a sense of safety and collective belongingness is fostered, and leisure and creativity give birth to collective action.

Every day our artist-facilitators hold art-based learning sessions, read alouds, work through conflicts, visit homes, read and write and learn, make mistakes and make them beautifully, play, and dream!

All of this everyday magic-making needs a realm - and that realm - is Khwāb Ghar.

We are currently raising funds to keep this space alive. Donate to create a safe space that facilitates brave action.

Nizamuddin ki Library

Every element of our library program has been lovingly designed to be true to this name, and we are committed to creating a library rich with creative and imaginative possibilities for the children and the larger community at Nizamuddin. 

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