Drama Jams


The Sunday Drama Jams are a weekly free-peer sharing space for anyone who likes to play drama games or works with people using drama. The attempt is to innovate new possibilities of play and to create a space that runs organically without a meta-facilitator, curated in-the-moment by only the people in the room. Anyone can participate - by either bringing a game/an idea of a game or simply playing along! The Drama Jams are designed consciously to fuel both spontaneity and reflective practices: they begin with a short tune-in activity, followed by collaborative group games and end with sharing reflections on each exercise.


Videos of Drama Jams


The Drama Jam team has documented all the games that have been played in the virtual sessions. This documentation is open and accessible to everyone who wishes to make use of it at the link given below.



Palava Samachar

May 19, 2020