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Erstwhile Programs

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Project Rihla

This project brought together our methodologies of engaging the young, through theatre based workshops and a show. As a part of the project, we facilitated pre-show and post show dialogue and workshops around identity, belongingness, citizenship, and ‘country’ amongst young audiences. The participants of this workshop were invited to watch a performance of the play-Riḥla.

This journey was a step in affecting young observers (spectators) and actors. (performers), both of which are imperative for a hearty democracy.


Through Darpan, we hoped to create impact in understanding and building healthy relationships with the self and the other in a universe with the spectrum of genders. We took our methodology and resources to pre-adolescents and adolescents in various schools and urban settlements to address curiosities around gender and sexuality.


Unlearning Uncentred

Unlearning Uncentered was a program that aimed to renegotiate boundaries of learning in public spaces and promote many ways of learning through active engagement, conversations, and play.

Our primary tools of engagement were toys made from trash and a mobile library with read-alouds.

Kisse Connection

Kisse Connection started as Aagaaz’s attempt to get people interested in each other’s stories. Inspired by the Human Library, the objective has always been to facilitate one-on-one conversations between two people- one being the book and the other being the reader. The readers listen to small excerpts of the books and then let their curiosity guide them. They ask the book questions and gradually unpack the details of the personal experiences. These often lead to moments of new discoveries and resonance.

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