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Facilitator's Collective

Over the years Aagaaz has built a pool of reflective facilitators who have come from diverse practices (our collective, at the moment includes theatre practitioners, subject teachers, a filmmaker, musicians, actors, and students). They all share a love and desire to work with children, adolescents, and young people through arts based methodologies. They also share a desire to deepen their practices.

Members of the collective regularly attend Drama Jams, Aagaaz’s performances, hold thematic workshops and mentor the repertory members in their own facilitation journeys. With the expansion of online workshops and socially-distanced rehearsals with the repertory, we created a learning space for our facilitators. The intention was to reinforce the core principles of curiosity, critical thinking, imagination and inclusion, especially during a time when drama was being transported online.

What has emerged is a regular space where the facilitators committed to Aagaaz’s work come together to read texts (by people like Paulo Freire, J. Krishnamurthi, Veena Das, and many others), dialogue on various themes, design drama based processes, reflect and write on challenges of access to the same. We also invite external facilitators to train us in different aspects of arts based practice while we also share our individual practices with each other. 
Members of this collective will be leading and facilitating the next phase of community based initiatives. The aim is also to intensify our efforts in writing and sharing our reflections and analyses from the various engagements in Aagaaz as blog posts, journals, etc. 


Want to get involved?

If your practice resonates with the intentions of the collective, don't hesitate to get in touch.

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