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Duniya Sabki @ Safdar Studio

Here’s sharing a few photos from the show. 🙂

The play – Duniya Sabki, asks questions that are intensely relevant to the current scenario. Who does the world belong to? Who should the world belong to? With Safdar Hashmi’s poem by the same name as its framework, the play weaves in stories from the actors’ lived experiences. Prahlad Tippaniya’s beautiful rendition of Kabir’s ‘mat kar maya ka ahankaar’, Dushyant’s ‘sau mein sattar aadmi’, and the popular ‘kahab toh lag jaaye dhak se’ were sung beautifully by the ensemble. The accompanying musicians (Sukriti, Vanshika, Kunal, and Divyam) along with Anirban’s sound design breathed life into the piece.

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