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MLA Fundraiser ~ Sanyukta

On the 18th of May this year, Maynard Leigh Associates India‘s office was crazier than usual. They had all brought out clothes, books and other goodies from their homes for a garage sale. They decided that they would spend, be merry, and donate whatever comes off it to Aagaaz. This organisation is known for its rare combination of talent, intelligence and heart. In one evening of mad shopping sprees and a hilarious auction, Aagaaz’s bank account was richer by INR 46,000. What touched us most was the fact that even while most people in the group have their own financial struggles, they gave, gave whatever was possible, and did with so much joy.

Fundraisers always bring in a special kind of excitement— of sharing, celebrating and just being with those who believe in the power of the arts to ‘change’—  whatever that may entail. Fundraising for Aagaaz is synonymous with celebrating the idea of Aagaaz, and we hope to carry this energy forward as we prepare for a joint fundraiser with The Community Library Project in the month of March this year. Searching for a multitude of ways to celebrate, move forward and expand our family is always a never-ending source of happiness in the work that awaits us as performers, facilitators, educators and everything in between. We will keep you updated with the when and where. There are some surprises in the mix. Stay posted.

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