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Sexual and Reproductive Health Sessions

While working with adolescents we have realized the importance of the emerging questions and ideas that shape us when we come of age. The group at Nizamuddin has a variety of growing individuals who are beginning to learn more about their bodies, their relationships, their sexuality and the gender roles they play. Discussions and dialogues around sexual health and gender are closely interwoven into their understanding of themselves as individuals, as actors and as active critical thinkers.  Based on their questions, we have had several sessions with the group about menstruation, masturbation, changing bodies and stigma of blood. We have also tried to facilitate separate sessions for girls and boys and encouraged them to share the observations and factual information with people of the opposite sex as well. Lately, a lot of work has happened around topics connected to personal space and consent.  Since these topics seem to be currently connected to their lives, it made sense to understand their perspectives and give them an opportunity to see things differently. We made use of theatre based games, discussions and videos such as Additionally, we have been talking about notions of masculinity and femininity. It’s still an ongoing discussion and a need to delve into other aspects of gender-based education has also surfaced. Do visit our website for more information on this aspect of our work and the resources we use: .

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