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Raavan Aaya

Directed by Neel Sengupta (2016)

With Raavan’s inevitable arrival as the background, the play disintegrates to expose the Raavan within. The play explores the idea of the illusion of a villain to create systematic hierarchical divisions in the ranks. It asks a very strong question-Is Raavan the real threat or is it the system of never- ending flattery and attempts to keep on creating chaos in order to maintain the prevalent disorder in the society?

Set in the midst of wartime negotiations and skirmishes, “Raavan Aaya” presents us with an intriguing proposition – one that allows the audience to lift the veil and peak behind the power structures that make (and unmake) a society. Borrowing signifiers from the Ramayana, this production is an adaptation of Sukumar Ray’s Lokhoner Shaktishel, rendered in contemporary Hindi.



Urban Company

May 30, 2016

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