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Directed by Neel Chaudhuri (2019)

Riḥla (رحلة / रिहृला) is an adaptation of Andreas Flourakis’ award-winning play I Want A Country. A crisis in a nameless country brings about a demand for change. A group of young rebels seek to chart out a course for a ‘new country’, a new identity, fresh values, a space to feel safe within … They argue and fight, they mock and educate each other, they reveal their dreams, fears and secrets. Their quest to define a new world is a voyage into some great unknown: to a place they can only imagine and covering a distance they cannot fully conceive. It is also a leap of faith, for them and for us. At the very least, they will arrive to tell the tale.



The Indian Express

November 18, 2019

Dipanita Nath

The Hindu

November 1, 2019

Vikram Phukan


November 19, 2019

Manik Sharma

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