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My journey as a mentor By Dhruv Samrat

Calling it ‘mentoring’ narrows down to its singular sense which is far from the truth. Meeting Aslam has been quite alike to catching up with your little brother, listening to his stories, discovering him, and fitting casual lectures into the conversation where you feel the need to impart some guidance.

Since our age difference does not exceed six years, there is almost no sense of distance that I might feel in the light of his adolescent behaviour. To my advantage, I can see glimpses of my own teenage years in him and that somewhat makes us closer. The resultant empathy aids me way better to counsel him on certain issues where I feel the need to do so.

The challenge comes when the difference in our cultural background and lifestyle seeps in. In my consequent effort to look at things from his perspective, I’m able to widen my own, talk to him with a better understanding and gain valuable lessons for myself. That’s when the whole mentorship program becomes a beautiful journey for both of us.

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