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My Mentoring Journey with Shahid by Anirban Ghosh

My mentoring journey with Shahid began around mid 2016. Shahid was interested in learning the guitar, so we started with basic lessons. He picked up the guitar (along with singing) pretty quick – he would work on the exercises diligently and come prepared for the subsequent sessions as an inspired learner with keen interest in pursuing an art-form. We continued with the lessons until he started playing/composing songs on the guitar. He would practice his singing skills as well and along with the guitar, he soon started performing. Seeing Shahid take up music (along with Theatre) seriously was indeed fulfilling for me.

Initially, we would meet twice (sometimes thrice a week). I would give him books, material and lessons which he would thoroughly work upon. Post June 2017, we started working towards creating a schedule for his 12th board exams study. We mutually decided the timelines and study schedule. Just like his enthusiasm for music, he started working on his syllabus as well.

Every mentoring session that I have had with Shahid has given me so much to think about – from my role as a mentor in his life to challenging him enough to take on things that he really wants to excel in to giving him the right kind of guidance that (more than a piece of advice) enables him to think and act on his own. Every time I have met Shahid, it has answered so many of my own questions/apprehensions/ideologies that I have now started work on creating a music programme for adolescents which deals with building a positive attitude and working towards social good as opposed to it just being a skill building class of sorts. Shahid is slowly becoming my co-conspirator in creating community engagement programmes and hopefully, post his board exams, will join me in this endeavor.

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