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Reflections from the mentors’ workshop on Viewpoints by Gunjan Gupta


Viewpoints is a philosophy translated into a technique for Training performers Building ensemble Creating movement for the stage

Viewpoints is a set of names given to certain principles of movement through time and space; these names constitute a language for talking about what happens onstage.

It is points of awareness that a performer or creator makes use of while working.

There are Viewpoints of Time and Space. Time related viewpoints are: Tempo Duration Kinesthetic Response Repetition

Space related Viewpoints are : Shape Gesture Architecture Spatial Relationship Topography

It had been brought up in the previous meetings that Aagaaz mentors need to be better acquainted with each other. There was a need for a time and space where they can indulge in some activities to work together and improve group dynamics. Aagaaz mentorship program is also looking at distributed leadership. This workshop was aimed at increasing awareness of self and leadership. The possibility of a group working in a way so that an apparent leader is not followed, was explored.

This session was attended by : Devika, Priyam, Nishant, Kanika and Gunjan

We started with walking in the room, remembering five things: Soft focus Relaxed arms and shoulders Golden band over head pulling upwards Strong feet Open heart

Then, we did Sun Salutations. The most important to keep in mind was to do it as a group where no one is leading. We did another activity where we were supposed to walk in a circle and doing actions together as a group. Like, turning together. This group was really in sync with each other and we were not focusing on the task but on being able to sense the group. As a result, we did not complete the task, which was beautiful. Later, we talked about various viewpoints, everybody was curious about Topography so, we did an activity based on thinking about two people whose depiction we could show with the movement of our feet. Everybody shared what their pieces were about. We concluded with an activity where one person goes out and  rest of the group is led by someone who does an action repetitively. When the person outside comes in he or she has to guess who the leader is. Everyone discussed their observations. To conclude, we discussed Aagaaz program. Lack of attendance was discussed and how it can be observed. We felt a need for mentors and mentees to meet at the same time. May be a picnic, a potluck or decorating the space together can be planned in the month of August.

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