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Thematic Workshops

These are sessions with groups of students that can last for a duration of anywhere between 10 days to a year. These are not begun with a decision of long-term engagement. Theatre making and sharing it with an audience while engaging with certain thematic concerns with children, adolescents, and young adults is almost always the core focus of this work. Here, drama becomes the engagement, the exploration and the expression.

Under the Cloak of Stories (2020)
Korika | Khirki Village (2018)
Under the Cloak of Stories | Nifflers (2020)
The Community Library Project (2019)
DPS School Srinagar (2019)
Laurel High School (2019)
Project Rihla

Past Workshops


The Rabbit Hole of Quests
(9 - 12 year olds) 

June 14 - July 8, 2021

Sample Brochure

Ajab Gajab | Drama in Learning

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